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Wissenschaftspolitisches Programm

We can do better! The GEW programme for higher education & research

Towards an academic world with greater democracy, open higher education, quality teaching and research, and better conditions to work and study!

We can do better: with this programme for higher education and research, Germany’s education union has shown that there is a different way forward.

With this academic manifesto, the GEW is demonstrating that we can do better! We can open up the sector, boost funding for higher education and research, make it fairer, strengthen both the autonomy of the institutes themselves and state and public responsibility for their wellbeing, place self-administration on a more democratic footing, strike a better balance between work (research, teaching or studying) and family life, implement gender equality, reform the personnel structure in highereducation and research in a manner that reflects tasks more equitably and ensures fair employment conditions, renew course content and enhance the quality, and establish a solid basis for research as a public mission.

Printed copies: 0,80 Euro. For orders of up to 9 copies, please contact: broschueren(at)gew(dot)de. Orders of 10 copies or more from the GEW Shop: www.gew-shop.de, gew-shop(at)callagift(dot)de.