GEW: The German Education Union

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The German Education Union (GEW)

The GEW is the education union affiliated to the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB). We organise educators and teachers in schools, universities, early childhood education, vocational training and adult education. more...

The Heinrich Rodenstein Fund

Heinrich Rodenstein was a founder of the GEW after the Second World War. He fled into exile under the Nazi regime and survived persecution thanks to the help he was given by others. more ...

Work Life Balance

Work life balance and gender specific career patterns in higher education and science” – that’s the title of a multilateral partnership of three trade unions committed in higher education and research: UCU (the United Kingdom), SULF (Sweden) and GEW (Germany). more ...

GEW against tuition fees

Tuition fees for university students are a violacion of the International Covenant on Economic, Social an Cultural Rights. GEW is rejecting tuition fees and demanding free access to universities. more ...

Preventing violence against women

Violence against women is an important topic for trade unions, in particular in the education sector. The GEW has drafted a report on the German legislation situation and its implementation on the one side and activities in schools to prevent violence and to raise awareness. more ...

Left: EI und GEW protesters at the G20 summit demonstration 2009 in London
Center: Vernor Muñoz Villalobos, UN special rapporteur on the right to education with GEW President Ulrich Thöne and GEW Vice-President Marianne Demmer at DIDACTA 2008 in Stuttgart
Right: Left: GEW colleague supporting '1GOAL - Education for all' campaign

Left: GEW nursery teachers on strike in Cologne 2010
Center: Young artists at a GEW stand at DIDACTA 2010 in Cologne
Right: Participants at the European Social Forum 2010 in Istanbul

Images: Manred Brinkmann

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